How can I contact DVS Liquidations customer service?
By Email –
Hours: Tues-Fri 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Phone: 573-201-9123
*Phone support may not be available on major Federal Holidays.


Where does DVS Liquidations source its products?
We purchase directly from many of the top retailers and other suppliers in the United States. Our technology platform makes it easy to offer excess, open box, customer returns, and salvage inventory directly to you!
Do I have to pay sales tax on my purchases?
You are responsible for any applicable sales taxes. DVS Liquidations is required to collect sales tax in Missouri, unless we have a copy of your reseller certificate. We must have a resale certificate on file prior to your purchase, or you will be subject to Sales Tax. Please email all resale certificates to or bring a copy when you come to purchase.
What payment methods does DVS Liquidations accept?
We accept most major Credit Cards, Cash or Cashier’s Check.
What is the Premium Pallet Money Back Guarantee?
Our Premium Pallet Money Back Guarantee is our industry changing way to virtually eliminate all the fear, uncertainty, and risk involved with buying merchandise pallets. You will no longer have to worry about items not working or being totally destroyed.
How does Premium Pallet Money Back Guarantee Work?
If you find an item in your pallet that is totally destroyed or non functional simply contact Chris at 573-201-9123 or within 3 business days of purchasing pallet. We will make a notation in your account, then simply bring that item back along with your receipt and manifest the next time you visit us and we will refund you the cost you payed for that item. (Soft Lines and Supplements Excluded) The guarantee only applies to destroyed or non working products. It does not cover cosmetic imperfections or damaged packaging. For instance, a ripped box is not covered, but a R/C car missing the controller or a DVD Player that doesn’t work or a Glass Jar that is shattered is covered.
Is your checkout safe and secure?
Yes, we use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to encrypt and keep your personal and financial data safe when it is transmitted during the checkout process.


How do I participate in DVS Liquidations Auctions?
Participating in DVS Liquidations Auctions is easy. Go to the DVS Liquidations Auctions page and find a lot you want to bid on. In order to bid on Auctions, you must create a DVS Liquidations account. This will also allow you to easily access past orders and pay for merchandise in the future. If you win the auction, you will be notified via email with instructions to complete your order. Your purchase must be completed within 2 business days.

How do I create an account on

Please go to the My Account Page to get started. We promise it’s a quick and easy process.
How do I change the password for my account?
Please go to the Account Details  tab to change your password or edit your account details.

Can I place multiple bids during the auction?

Yes, you may bid on as many lots as you’d like, and continue to re-enter your bid amount until closing. For example: You’ve been outbid and wish to increase your most recent bid. Our Auctions also support proxy bidding. Simply place your max bid and the system will automatically bid for you up to your max bid.
How will I know if win an auction?
If you win an auction, you will be notified via email and receive a link to complete your purchase. You can also complete your purchase via your My Account Page page.
How do I pay when I win Auction(s)?
If you win an auction, visit Bids Won tab in your my account page. There you an complete checkout. If you have won multiple auctions you can pay for all of them at once.
What happens if I don’t pay in time?
Any incomplete payments will be recorded in your account history and your standing on DVS Liquidations may be impacted.
What if I bid and then decide that I no longer want to participate in the auction event?
Retracting your bid is not permitted.
How do I stay up to date on the statues of an Auction that I am bidding on?
You will receive an email from DVS Liquidations notifying you of the status of your bids. Alternatively, you can check your My Account Page and click on Auctions. There you can view Bids Active, Bids Lost, Bids Won, and your Watchlist.
How does Premium Product Money Back Guarantee Work?
The Premium Product Guarantee covers any auction item that is listed as NEW. If after receiving or picking up you auction item and it is non functional and broken and it was listed as NEW you may qualify for a refund. Claims must be made within 3 Days from the time of pickup or delivery. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Once the item is returned, DVS Liquidations will inspect the item and if the claim was justified a refund will be issued within 2 business days. The Premium Product Guarantee only applies to NEW auction items. All other auctions are subject to as-is where-is. For more info or to submit a claim contact Chris at 573-201-9123 or


How can I keep track of newly listed inventory that matches my needs?
The easiest way to stay up to date on our newly arrived inventory is to follow us on our Facebook page.


What product conditions does DVS Liquidations offer?
DVS Liquidations merchandise comes in a variety of conditions. Additionally, many of our retail partners may use different condition names for their excess and returned inventory. We want our buyers to be fully informed on what they’re buying before they purchase. Please read below for full explanations of the different conditions we offer.
New Overstock items have never been opened, are fully functional and retail-ready. They possess all manufacturer advertised qualities and features. These items are shipped in original retail packaging, which may show signs of wear or slight package damage or have stickers or labels denoting the name of the retailer’s liquidation program. These products can include overstock items, excess inventory, closeout merchandise and shelf pulls.
Items consist of Shelf Pulls, Overstock, and Returns.
Grade A Returns  most items are fully functional and retail-ready although they may show cosmetic defects. They may possess multiple price tags or stickers and have come into considerable customer contact. These items may not always come with all manuals and/or supplementary accessories or parts. Grade A Returns items may or may not have original retail packaging, which may show signs of wear or have stickers or labels denoting the name of the retailer from which the product originated.
Uninspected Returns items range in condition from Brand New to Salvage. Some items are in working order and are retail-ready and functional, while some are not functional. These items may have cosmetic issues, including dents, scratches, and signs of age, use or handling. These items often do not come with manuals, accessories, parts, and may have incomplete sets. Uninspected Returns items may or may not ship in original retail packaging, which may show signs of wear or have stickers or labels denoting the name of the retailer’s liquidation program.
Used items have been professionally inspected by DVS Liquidations technicians and found to have cosmetic issues and/or functionality defects. We cannot guarantee that these items will be fully functional. These items often do not come with manuals, batteries, chargers and/or supplementary accessories. Additional product information may be available in the condition notes on the manifest. Used items may ship in non-retail packaging or have stickers or labels denoting the name of the retailer’s liquidation program.
Salvage Damaged items can be functional or non-functional, have substantial cosmetic defects, and/or have stickers or other markings on them. Generally, these items either need extensive repair or are used for parts. These items rarely come with manuals, batteries, chargers and/or supplementary accessories. May be missing pieces and/ or sets. Additional product information may be available in the condition notes on the description. Salvage items may or may not have retail packaging.


MSRP or Manufacture Suggested Retail Price represents the estimated listed price when the product was first released to market. MSRP is estimated in accordance with standard industry practice. MSRP is based on the condition of new, does not reflect offers of non-new conditions, and does not include offers with discounts, rebates, or other price adjustments. Original Retail may not necessarily represent prevailing offers in current marketplaces.